Friday, September 25, 2009

Gallery Opening

On Saturday my work opened at Collector's Gallery of Art in Inglewood. The timing was terrific- coinciding with Art Walk - and we had steady crowds all through the afternoon.
The show introduced me and 3 other artists: Kari Duke, Bowabon Shilling, and Barbara Hirst to the gallery. For so many painters, the show was remarkably cohesive and looked stunning. Bowabon Shilling was unable to attend but I got to meet Kari and Barbara and found them both, as tends to be the case with good artists, generous and open people, interested in talking about painting and sharing tips and techniques. Kari and I ducked out to my car to look at some plywood panels that I had shellacked with amber shellac in preparation for plein air work. She does a lot of her gorgeous back alley scenes on panels and these boards interested her.
One of the nicest things was the fact that unexpected people came to see the show. Neighbours, past and present, seldom-seen friends (one with her two young children in tow which shows real fortitude) and relatives responded to my invitation and attended. Time slowed to a leisurely pace and I got to catch up with people who lead busy lives like mine but who value art and friendship enough to put that busyness aside for a while and visit. I realized again how blessed I am.
The show will hang for approximately 3 more weeks and I hope you'll check it out.

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