Wednesday, December 16, 2009

People Watching

Everyone loves to look at people.  We watch them
in malls and surreptitiously on buses. We photograph them in foreign countries and, sometimes, we hang pictures of total strangers on our walls.  Such diverse painters as David A. Leffel and Malcolm Liepke have made great careers out of this fascination.
My favorite commissions are portraits for this very reason.  I know that, more than anything else I paint, these works will be looked at for a long time.  A picture of a person is never wallpaper in a room.  It has a presence; almost like a real person would.
Today I had the pleasure of delivering two portraits of young children to their mother. 
As with all commissions, I had a case of nerves before showing the paintings to her but, happily, she loved them.  The personalities of the children, as much as the likenesses, were clear to her eyes and she was delighted. 
I've included them here.  They're on copper and there is a lot of the warm, brushed metal visible in the works.

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