Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting from Life Workshop

On the weekend, I taught a workshop figure-painting workshop at the Calgary School of Art.   It was a fantastic day.  The students were enthusiastic and our model was still and lovely. 
In all, the students painted 5 works that day:  4 short 15 minute poses and one pose that was over 2 hours long. 
Doing so many paintings in one day worked out really well because it allowed everyone to learn the techniques that I presented and practise them several times in succession.  With each new painting, I could see improvement and an increased understanding of the process and the medium.
By the final, long pose, everyone was warmed up and ready to dive right in and they each went home with a strong painting. 
What everyone remarked on was the enormous diversity of the paintings considering that each student had received the same instruction and had the same model.  I enjoyed watching their individual styles and aesthetics assert themselves on the canvases.  I don't think that anyone applies paint exactly like another person and it's this fact that makes each painter's work unique.
I've posted a few of the works so that you can see for yourself.

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