Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thinking - But not Overthinking a Painting

 Country Roses
16 x 12

My roses are loving the cold summer that we're having: no scorching sun to burn their petals and dry their roots.  I'm glad someone is enjoying it.
This painting was a challenge because the roses are such a pale, delicate pink.  I had to choose a grayed shadow colour which tied in with the pale, cool background but didn't vanish into it.  Some of the background green is in the flowers, but, after a lot of experimentation, I went with a warm, blue-gray for the body of the roses.  That, and the background green reflect down into the glass vase and create a cool, curved form within the warmth of the ground colour.
Glass is fun to paint as long as you paint just what you see: shapes, values and colours.  As soon as you let your mind note that you are painting glass (and that's been called difficult by many painters) the task becomes nerve wracking.  I did my best to subdue that labeling part of my brain and just rely on my eyes.

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