Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Course Starting in April

Painting From Life

I'm announcing a new 12 week course beginning at the Calgary School of Art on April 12. Once again, I'll be teaching a "Painting from Life" course but, because my students are getting so accomplished, I'm asking that new students have some previous painting experience; not a lot, but it would be tough for absolute beginners to fit into the class.

It's wonderful to see the progress of the painters that I've been teaching for the past 1 1/2 years. I don't put all of that improvement down to my instruction, though. I see the positive influence of working with a group as having had a great impact on the individual painters. Often, when someone is unsure of how to proceed, she'll walk around the room, checking out the many different painting styles. Something about this small stroll acts to inspire and reinvigorate that painter and, when she returns to her easel, it is with some fresh ideas. Each of my students is starting to develop a distinctive and unique style. This, I believe, is the goal of art instruction: to help artists find their own voice.

There are still some spots in this class if you are interested in joining.

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