Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Course at Calgary School of Art

Summer Table
18 x 36

I announced a new session of my course "Painting From Life" at the Calgary School of Art.  Gratifyingly, the Tuesday class filled right away.  There are still a few spots available on Wednesday evenings from 6 to 9 pm if you are interested in joining.  We begin the class on December 7.

The response to this course of study over the past year has been amazing.  People who have long painted from photos and had plateaued in their progress, have been making huge leaps in their skill.  Quite simply, that's because when we paint from an actual object, there is no need to guess or interpret in the way that we have to when working from photos.  Our eyes see more than enough concrete, verifiable information and that can launch our work to a new plane of sensitivity.  

So whether you can take the class or not, I hope you'll take a shot at life painting. You'll never regret the time spent.


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Ingrid!... Love your painterly... energetic and colourful works! A pleaure to the eye!

Good Painting!
Warm regards,

Alice said...

I could learn much by hanging out with you. Thanks for inviting me to your studio last week. My painting was abominable but I sure enjoyed, you, Susen and the day regardless! Cheers!

Ingrid Christensen said...

Thank you, Bruce!
I enjoyed checking out your blog. You are fabulous at architecture and light. I'm envious.

Ingrid Christensen said...

Hi Alice,
I enjoyed it too! We have to do it again before Xmas. Let's set a date.