Monday, June 18, 2012

Plein Air Classes Doing Their Thing

My "Painting From Life" students and I have been taking advantage of the nice (and even the somewhat nasty) weather and painting outside for the past few classes.

We've painted beside train tracks in industrial parks, at the Blackfoot Market before it's season opening, and at a couple of stunning local parks.

I've posted some pictures of the intrepid groups below: alternately freezing and cooking but always enthusiastically painting.  Notice the number of Alla Prima Pochade boxes represented in the group; they multiply like rabbits. As soon as a plein air painter sees it, she orders one from Ben Haggett.  And have a look at the lightweight brush holder designed by Daphne Smith to velcro onto her tripod. She put florists' styrofoam with holes inside and impressed us all with the simple effectiveness of this piece of equipment.
Painters are creative thinkers.

Classes end this week and I'm a bit sad. I've enjoyed these inspiring and game painters.

The local residents coming to see what we were doing.  They marched their goslings right past us.  


Daphne's design


Rubén said...

estupendas pinturas. Felicitaciones.

Ingrid Christensen said...

Thank you, Ruben!