Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Bootcamp" Portrait Workshop October 26

Floral Shawl
14 x 11
Last weekend I taught a workshop about painting portraits from photos at the Calgary School of Art.  There was a full house and we had a great - and busy - day.  A painter in my class suggested that it should be called "Bootcamp" Portrait Painting so that people would know they were going to work hard!  I like the sound of that.

Because the workshop had a waiting list, I'm offering it again on Friday, October 26 from 10 to 4.

We'll work from photos that the workshoppers bring in using a step-by-step approach.  I'll demo each step using a photo that I bring in, and the class will repeat it using their own photos.

The focus of the day will be on creating believable, 3 dimensional faces from the flatness of a photographic image.  Most painters have struggled with this one, and I've got some strategies to help overcome the problems.

The cost for the day is $100 and it's suitable for both oil and acrylic painters.

If you're in town and would like to join us at bootcamp, please register through the school at: 403-287-7448.

I hope to see you there!

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