Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Music of Lines

Ginger Jar and Three Peaches
12 x 24
Lines are great!  I love using them to emphasize elements in a still life.  In this painting, the lines came naturally because the jar has a dark design on it; something that I could carry out into the rest of the painting.  They are a playful way to define the peaches and the ribbons that hang off the table, as well as an indicator of rhythm and brush speed.  Does that make sense?

Every brush stroke has a speed and I prefer the dashing, racing ones.  By adding some quick, calligraphic line work after the forms are established, other speedy marks are accentuated and the whole piece, though it's a static subject, gains movement and a quick tempo and fluidity.

Painting is like music and I like my tunes lively.

Happy painting!


Dean H. said...

Love this, Ingrid! The dancing lines and captivating colors make me want to look and look and.....

Ingrid Christensen said...

You are a peach, Dean! Thanks for the lovely comment.