Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oil Painting from the Ground Up Workshop, and Regular Class Begins

Rice Bowl and Little Onions
10 x 8
I'm jumping into the new teaching season at the Calgary School of Art this month with a workshop and my regular Tuesday class.  On Sept. 10th my regular 12 week class begins.  We'll concentrate on landscapes, both studio and plein air and end with  figurative painting.  **I had an unexpected opening this week, so if you're interested in joining this class, let me know**

Then, on September 28th, I'll be teaching "Oil Painting from the Ground Up", a foundations workshop that's designed for both beginners and experienced painters.

My focus for this workshop will be on the technical heart of oil painting.  We've got some new oil mediums available to us at the school this year, and we'll explore a few of them and learn how to build a technically-sound and visually-rich oil painting in the process.  

This will be fun day for experimenting with mark making, palette knife and brush techniques and creative colour choices.

You can read all about the workshop and register for it on the snazzy and efficient Calgary School of Art website.  Contact me if you've got any questions.

Happy painting!

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