Saturday, September 14, 2013

Painting a Concept

Blue Robe
16 x 12
I've started this painting a lot of times and never found a satisfactory way to make it show what I want: movement.  Finally, I realized that I'd have to deviate pretty far from realism to show such an abstraction. So I looked to a master of dancers in motion: Degas.

What I've always loved about Degas' work is the fearless way that he simplified people into dynamic shapes and colours.  His figures are flatter than life, but seem more alive than many of the works of high realism that were popular in his time.  The use of lines in his paintings also appealed to me.  It's hard to slip those into a more literal image so I enjoyed this natural opportunity to use a strong, dark line.

The robe in my photos was green but the complimentary colour scheme of red and green seemed too harsh so I replaced it with a field of bluish patches and dynamic brushwork. In the figure I focused on colour rather than form; trying to capture the many fleeting hues that passed over the model as she danced in my studio. The resulting figure has a flatness and simplicity that I like and, to my eye, a sense of movement.  Finally.

Happy painting!


DLPBR said...

You did such a wonderful Job !!
It's perfect ...

Ingrid Christensen said...

Thank you for checking out my blog and for your kind comment!