Saturday, November 8, 2014


Purple Life Vest
30 x 30

There's no way to avoid being influenced by other artists, and, honestly, I don't understand why people would even want to avoid it.  There are only so many novel ideas to be dredged out of the head of a person who spends all of her working days by herself in a studio.  A little creative boost from other artists is something that I welcome.  

This painting was the direct result of receiving the exhibition catalogue of David Prentice's last, and final show at the John Davies Gallery in the UK.  Prentice died this year leaving behind a legacy of gorgeous landscape paintings that are richly coloured and beautifully designed. And they have an unabashed quantity of pink in them.  

Pink has always seemed like a dangerously frivolous colour and I'd never considered using it before, but Prentice's work changed that.  It turns out that pink is an uplifting, and lively colour and it's awfully fun to use.  Pink says warmth.

So I used it liberally and filled the canvas and the studio with summer sun.  

Thank you, Mr. Prentice. 

Happy painting!

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