Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Progress doesn't have to be swift

40 x 30
D - still in progress
So here's the latest incarnation of the portrait.  And still not done - which is a good thing.

I've been working on it sporadically for quite a while, putting it aside when I ran out of ideas, and picking it up when even one small mark seemed like a possibility worth trying.  On one day, I repainted the entire 40 x 30 surface, tweaking, moving, adding... thinking I was on to something.  But I wasn't, and I wiped and scraped the whole day off before dinner.  Then it sat some more.

Today I picked it up and painted it upside down for the first hour.  That got me rolling, changing bigger areas than I seemed to manage when I saw it in its normal orientation.  I don't think it's finished yet, but it's closer than in past states, and it has some interesting effects that I couldn't have done in one go.

This painting is my stand by, the work I pick up and ponder when I'm between paintings.  Some day I'll finish it, but I'm in no hurry. And when I do, I'll have to start another piece that allows me to work this way again: with no deadlines, and no expectations.  It's a joyful way to paint.

Happy painting!

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