Saturday, November 25, 2017

Workshops: composition and portraiture - Kelowna, BC, Feb 24, 25, 26

Creating Dynamic Compositions
February 24
Kelowna, BC

Painting the Alla Prima Portrait
Feb. 25/26
Kelowna, BC

A well-composed painting is one in which the eye moves easily and fluidly, pausing and exploring,  finding the intended focal area, but never slamming to a halt or - perish the thought - drifting out of the picture altogether along some unintended shape.  And maybe 1 in 1000 photos are strong enough to need no redesigning to make them into good painting references.  So, for the other 999 photos that you'd like to paint, I'm offering a 1-day composition workshop through the Federation of Canadian Artists in Kelowna, BC in February. 

This will be a rigorous and fun workshop that is open to any medium, and that uses your own photos as the starting point for exploring successful composition. 

I'll follow this with a 2-day alla prima portrait workshop which will be done from life.  Working from a model, oil and acrylic painters will learn a logical, shape-based approach to painting a portrait.  We'll address proportion, mixing skin colours,  and layering wet-in-wet.  This is a stand-alone workshop, but there's a lot to be gained by taking the composition workshop first. 

I hope you'll join me.  These workshops are designed to give you a lot to think about and apply to your own painting practise, no matter what your usual subject matter. 

To register, please contact the Federation of Canadian Artists Central Okanangan Chapter

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