The Warm-Up Painting

Spring on the River
12 x 16"
I don't know about the rest of you painters, but I can't do a decent painting right off the bat.  Each day I have to struggle through a warm-up painting that is stilted and pathetic before I can achieve a loose and interesting one. 
I've learned to make the warm up very small and just get it over with, but I can't skip it altogether and go straight to the good painting, or there won't be a good painting. 
I painted the plein air above when I was out with the excellent painter, Sharon Williams
We chatted through my warm-up painting (my fisherman had a big head and appeared to be made of wood) and fell silent to concentrate for the second ones.  Sharon managed to bag both paintings - she's clearly not a warm-up painter - and I got this one.  
I'm pleased by the gesture of the cast, and the sunlight and freshness.  It was a great day.


Dean H. said…
Beautiful, Ingrid. I,too, like the sun in this...right on down to the perfect little wet glint on the loop of fly line.

After reading your post, I'm tempted to try a warm up before my next painting. I always in such a rush to gt started.