Dazzled by Light

12 x 24"
I realized while I was on vacation in Kelowna, BC that Calgary's light sucks!

Calgary has a very cool, hard light for most of the day, only breaking into warm, saturated colour in the morning or evening. 

By comparison, the light in the BC interior is an impressionist's dream all day long.  I've never been to France, but I suspect the light is like what I saw on my vacation: warm, rich, and full of colour bouncing in every direction. 

The painting above is from a photo of my son fly fishing in a small lake near Kelowna.  When I painted it, I tried to remember the magical, atmosphere and let myself introduce lots of reflected warm and cool light.  The underpainting is ochre which softens and warms all the colours on top of it. 

I'm glad that I painted this within a couple of days of returning from our trip.  Like most photos, the picture that this was taken from doesn't capture much more than the basics of colour and pose.  Having the memory of that day fresh in my mind let me recreate the scene as I experienced it with my wondering (and envious) eyes.

Who knew there were so many fly fishermen and women in the world? 
Since starting on this subject, I've had comments and queries from all over.  Recently, an Italian blogger wrote a piece about my work in part of an ongoing series of fishing art blogs.  Here's a link to Mattia Romano's fascinating blog; you can practice your Italian!



Carol Brown said…
How lovely. Just found your blog through Deano's Den. I was immediately taken with the swishing brush strokes and jewel tones laced with just enough sparkling light. Enjoyed reading your posts. They are so filled with your painterly insights.
Thanks Carol.
It love making dramatic marks - sometimes too much!
I enjoyed checking out your blog!