New Workshop October 2

Painting the Figure
The Long Pose
October 2, 10am to 4:30pm

I'll be teaching a workshop on October 2 at the Calgary School of Art.
I thought it would be nice to teach a long-pose figure painting which allows time to develop a finished painting.  Normally I work the painters fast and hard in my workshops and have them do 3 to 4 paintings over the course of a day.  They leave pretty tired, but with signs of a definite progression. 

Nice as that progression is, I saw the value of a long pose when I did Zhaoming Wu's workshop in the Spring.  We had a pose for the entire day, and not even a face to work with.  I managed to snag this profile view when we were setting up but some painters spent the day looking at a spotlit back.  And yet, they managed to do interesting things with that because they had the time to fully explore and develop the painting.  We still left tired though.

I'm interested to see what students do with a long pose.  When there's no time constraint, I believe they'll start to really notice the small subtleties of form and colour temperature.  

The course still has room, so if you want to see what you would do with the opportunity to paint a single pose during a day, sign up and join us.


Dean H. said…
Love your dynamic use of color and expressive brush work, Ingrid.

You are easily among my top favorites!
What a great thing to say Dean! Thank you.
Erik said…
Hi Ingrid, came across your work on facebook and glad I did! I love your brushwork and the interesting stories you tell in your blogposts. So far I've read most of your 2010 posts and tomorrow I will continue with the older ones. Thanks for being an inspiration!