Gold Award at Art Visions 2010!

My mom accepting the Art Visions Gold award
"Digging" 30 x 30"

Yesterday was a very happy day!  I was once again awarded the Founding Patron's Gold Award at the FCA  Art Visions 2010 exhibition.  "Digging" did me proud.

Because I couldn't get a last minute flight out to Kelowna, BC, my parents accepted the prize for me, and toured the exhibition.  This year the show has grown to include a fourth gallery: Evans Fischer Gallery, along with Turtle Island Gallery, Gallery 421, and Hambleton, which is showing my piece.  The FCA even had a shuttle bus to get you from one venue to the other; a very nice feature.

My mom noticed a man examining my painting from a semi-crouched position, and peering upward.  It made her laugh because I had once told her that's how I toured the Metropolitan Museum in NY.  I'd look at a painting head on and then crouch to see the profile of the paint.  There's nothing so instructive as seeing where the paint is thick and where it is just a thin layer.  It's nice to know that someone wanted to learn about my paint application too. 

But what's really nice is belonging to an organization that promotes and rewards artists for their hard work.  I'm grateful to the FCA Central Okanagan Chapter for this honour and for the enormous amount of work that they did to make such a great show.


Sharon said…
Congratulations Ingrid!!!
Thanks Sharon. I'm very pleased.
Ann Rogers said…
Congratulations, well deserved!
helena said…
Congratulations. You know, your work reminds me of a scottish artist, Peter Howson. I think his themes are a quite dark, but there is something in the energy and style that makes me remember him.
Now that's a wonderful comparison! Thanks Helena. Peter Howson is brilliant and caustic. I love his work.
Fay Akers said…
When the Rockwell show was in the museum I was taken back by how thin all this layers where. I found myself looking at the painting from the side. I also saw other people wondering what the heck I was doing. That man had no think areas.
Your painting is wonderful and deserves an award.
Good job
Thanks Fay. I'd love to see a Rockwell. He was an amazing visual story teller.
I once read that his Saturday Evening Post pieces have cracked badly because of all the dryers he used to get them done in time for camera. Did you notice that?