Demo for the Calgary chapter of the FCA

One hour figure demo 20 x 16

After some tweaking the next day

I was invited to give a painting demo at the local chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists last night and the result is above. 

It may have seemed ambitious to do a figure given that I only had one hour to demo (!) but I actually do figures more quickly than any other subject.  If you know anatomy, it's very straight forward.  Florals, on the other hand, can take me hours more (or as Sharon Williams tells it, I take an hour to do one flower).

The hardest thing about demos is coordinating your painting brain with your social brain.  You have to be able to talk and answer questions coherently, and still make good choices about painting.  And you have to do it with a large room full of artists right behind your back.  It's a bit intimidating. 

Still, it was a lot of fun and, like all painters, the audience were a supportive, interested bunch who really enjoy watching how someone else approaches the craft of applying paint to canvas. 


Your insight into the colour and overall composition is astounding, It was amazing how much you accomplished in the time you had to paint her up because you actually answered questions for about half the time, Amazing! Excellent "portrayal" of someone I know very well. Thank you. We, at the Federation of Canadian artists can't wait to take more instruction with you . Tami Hort
Thanks for this great compliment, Tami. I really enjoyed painting your daughter. She's lovely and has lots of stamina!
Dean H. said…
That's quite an achievement in an hour, Ingrid!
And a great job of tweaking without killing the freshness.
Thanks, Dean! It was speed painting for sure.
It certainly makes you figure out what the main elements are and skip the rest.