Shipping Paintings

Daisy Days

My floral work has been accepted into The Artym Gallery in Invermere, BC and I'm very pleased. It's a gallery that I've watched online for years and will be honoured to be a part of. But this inclusion has raised the issue of shipping paintings; something that I've only done a few times in the past, and never with a bunch of paintings at once. I've now spent hours researching how to pack my work so that it arrives without swayed and dented canvases.

The options seem to be cardboard or wood. I'm not patient enough for the drilling and sawing of building a wooden crate, so I decided to go with the cardboard option: this option by Susan Blackwood at Oil Painters of America. Of all of the sites, and Youtube videos that I looked at, this one seems the most elegant, simple way to secure paintings for shipping. I'm off to buy the styrofoam today.

Before I put the paintings in their box, I'll cover the painted side with tracing paper or wax paper to ensure that they don't pick up any bits. Some people use bubble wrap across the front of a painting, but I was at a gallery when a shipment of paintings came in from another city, and I saw what bubble wrap can do. There were little dots permanently imprinted over the entire surface of several large oil paintings. It was an artist's nightmare.

Wish me luck with getting the pieces safely to their destination.


Bobbi Dunlop said…
Congratulations, Ingrid! What a lovely painting!
Cheryl said…
thanks Ingrid... the info on packing paintings may come in handy someday. Congrats on getting your work into Artym... one of my fav galleries!
Thanks Bobbi and Cheryl.
As I write, it's been 5 days since I shipped the paintings via UPS. One box arrived yesterday, and the other one has a checkered and eccentric history: Calgary, Richmond, Castlegar, Cranbrook, and - hopefully!- Invermere today. This shipping paintings stuff is nuts. Next time I'll drive out myself!
Let's hope the packaging held up.
Donna MacDonald said…
Congrats Ingrid on your new gallery!
Thanks, Donna. I'm mighty pleased.