Calgary Sketch Club Demonstration

 Daisies and Country Roses -demo painting
14 x 18

Last week I did a demo for a local artists' group, the Calgary Sketch Club.
It was a lot of fun and a bit of an experiment.  I decided to try my limited palette out for the floral and, because I'm not that familiar with it, I was taking a risk!  

It looked like I was going to regret this decision when I tried to mix a reddish purple right at the start.  Instead of putting the usual Cad Red Light on my palette, I'd used Cad Scarlet which contains the same pigment: PR 108.  They may have the same number, but Cad Scarlet is definitely more of a yellow red; totally inappropriate for purples.   Luckily, I'd packed the CRL just in case, so I scraped it off the palette and carried on.  

After that, things went smoothly, to my relief.  There were lots of good questions which really helped to make me feel at ease and the limited palette surprised us all with its versatility.  There's always a wonderful moment the first time I show how ivory black and white make a beautiful, vibrant blue when applied next to warm colours.  It seems like magic. 

Below are a couple of pictures of the demo in progress and the picture above shows the finished piece.  The demo was about 1 1/2 hours, and I put in another 45 minutes in the studio the next day, mainly pumping up  the lights.