FCA Award of Excellence

32 x 32

I was notified that "Fishing" received an Award of Excellen
ce in the FCA Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter show which opened this past weekend in Kamloops, BC.  
I am honoured and pleased!

Yesterday I went out for some plein air with my son.  He fished (with a rod, not with his hands as he did in the painting above); I painted.  Luckily, I photographed him fishing because by the time I was ready to put him into my landscape, he'd moved off down the river.  Painters are not as mobile as flyfishermen so I couldn't follow him.  I will try to pop his figure into the landscape today in the studio.  I'll post the results if they were successful.  If not, well, it was a great day in the sun anyway.


Anonymous said…
I remember my boys looking just like your picture searching for treasures like crabs, fish, muscels, seaweed or other fascinating things at the coast in Norway.
I suppose the sea always atracks children.

Inger Berit
I think it's irresistible to them. That's a good thing because it gives me time to photograph them!