New Course at the Calgary School of Art

Ballet Dancer
32 x 26

I'll be teaching a new Painting From Life course in September at the Calgary School of Art.  
I hope you'll check out the link for times and dates.  Maybe I'll see you in class!


meli66a said…
very nice painting! how many hours?
Thanks, Melissa.
I've put about 6 or 8 hours into it off and on - so far. Until I actually send it to a gallery, I find that I keep tinkering with it.
Signing it is what I do when I really want to start the reworking process!
Bobbi Dunlop said…
Love the freshness and unfinished quality of this painting, Ingrid! Your fall course at CAS sounds great... I do hope we'll see one another often!
Thanks, Bobbi! I'm looking forward to seeing you there.