The Portrait Sketch

18 x 14

I took full advantage of my son's financial debt to me this weekend and coerced him into sitting for this portrait sketch. I pay my kids $10/hour for their modelling services. Any less and their energetic bodies would be unable to contain themselves; they wouldn't think it was worth it. He listened to an audio book of a Flavia De Luce mystery which kept him engrossed. Even so, I only managed to get him to sit for an hour so I worked at full speed on this painting.

Knowing that I'd be rushed, I opted for a limited palette of Cad Yellow Deep, Ivory Black, Transparent Red Oxide, Cad Red Light, and Titanium White. The resulting painting is more opaque than I'm used to because it only contains one transparent colour and because I barely used any medium, choosing to apply thick, tube-consistency colour throughout. It's also more muted than usual because black is used as as blue. I'd be interested to try another sketch using Ultramarine Blue instead of black. He still owes me $5 for a video game, so perhaps I can talk him into sitting next weekend.


Ann Rogers said…
I'm so in favor of child labor of this sort! Great portrait.
I love that comment! Thanks, Ann.