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Summer Paintings

Apricots and Violets   - 12 x 16 I know it's a great summer because I'm not getting any blogs done!   I'm still painting every day, though, squeezing it in between a bumper crop of raspberries to pick and an epic battle that I'm waging against the slugs that are trying to eat my entire garden.  
Lately, my paintings have become about backlighting.  For the past few weeks, my still life set ups are against a window, augmented by a flood (you can just see it at the top of the photo).  There's something magical that happens when you see a subject lit warmly from behind.  The objects are all influenced slightly by a cool tinge and their highlights can be intensely warm.  In the painting, I mixed a good dose of Cad. Yellow Deep with Titanium white and laid it on thickly for the sunlit tablecloth.  It worked believably, especially when contrasted with the blue-grays of the cloth's shadows.  
By keeping the shadows in a midtone range, I increased the sense of illumination…