Tutt Art Galleries, Kelowna, BC

Pink Pail 
12 x 16

Every year I go to Kelowna, BC to visit family and get some blasting sunshine.  And every year I pay a visit to Tutt Art Galleries to check out the latest works by H.E. Kuchein, Min Ma, Brent Lynch and other excellent artists.  So it is with great pleasure that I can now say that my paintings are hanging in Tutt alongside these painters' works.

The gallery is carrying a new series that I've been working on this summer and one that I'm pleased with.  I spent the summer teaching myself how to paint water in a way that showed its sparkle, depth and variety.  It was a long and often frustrating process and I wiped off much more than I kept.  Then, something clicked and I felt like I was achieving what I was after.  The secret was simple: lots of paint and lots of colour.  I also make sure to use both warm and cool colours in the water; this makes a believable effect in a way that just using different blues and greens can't.

Then I incorporated figures - my favorite subject - into the water and felt that I was onto something that made me happy.  My debt is to Sorolla and Potthast in these scenes of children, sunshine and water, and the series is a natural for a part of the country that is famous for its beach culture.

If you're passing through the Okanagan Valley, I hope you'll stop in and check it out for yourself!


Thanks, Linda!
I need to live somewhere where I see such scenes every day. Can you tell that approaching Autumn is making me anxious?
Donna MacDonald said…
Congratulations Ingrid on your new gallery! I'm loving these beach scenes you are doing. Beautiful work as always. Great seeing you yesterday.
Thank you, Donna!
I enjoyed seeing you, too. I hope we'll run into each other more often at CSA. We lonely painters need community!