Pondering Degas 30 x 40

Original version

Sometimes you have to live with a painting for a long time before you can call it done.  That happened with "Pondering Degas".  

The original version was done in a flurry several months ago when I hired a model and set her up next to a sumptuous bouquet of flowers.  I was excited by the colour, the marks and the light and couldn't see the piece very rationally.  But I did know that it wasn't quite done.  So I put it up in the living room to examine every day.  

Over time, what I decided was that it wasn't as refined as I wanted and it was just too darned pink!  So last week I painted over the warm background with a cool, greenish gray and threaded neutrals throughout the flowers.  I refined the face, hand and table top and could finally call it done.  

She can leave the living room now and head out into the world.  I'm proud of her.


Bobbi Dunlop said…
Wonderful, Ingrid and no doubt even more glorious in person!
Thanks, Bobbi. You're too kind!
LOVE what you did with her face!!!! Beautiful piece :-)
Thanks for the lovely words, Sharon!
Dean H. said…
And proud you should be, Ingrid! Love the changes.
Nice trail of blues leading the eye through the flowers...and especially nice is the strong entry from the left!
Thanks, Dean! I wish I'd planned harder and found those trails and lead ins on the first go. Must make more accurate thumbnails...
Enjoy the Leap day - a bonus day for painting!