More about goals in Plein Air

Winter Trees
10 x 12
This is another of the Bragg Creek plein air paintings from a couple of weeks ago.  The wind had picked up by the time we found this view, and it was blowing into my face.  But I couldn't resist the soft grey mass of the trees contrasting with the dense, dark conifers on the hillside behind them.  The sky had a heavy, expectant look and a wonderful path of light, cool colour through it.  Creative license allowed me to boost the slightly greenish colour of that path and tie it in with the trees.

I set two goals for this painting when I started: highlighting the abstract quality of the landscape and keeping the shapes large and simple.  The foreground tree needed more detail so that it would appear nearer the viewer, but I tried to keep detail, especially dark accents, out of the middle and far plane.

This painting almost had a little figure at a French easel down where the light streaked across the snow-Bobbi had set up and was painting facing me- but, when I tried it, the whole focus of the painting shifted from my original goal, and it became a painting about a person.  Goals keep me in line!