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Portrait Gift

This week I received the gift of this painting in my email.  Welsh artist Steven Samuel complimented my blog and sent this portrait of me that he had done from a photo I'd posted. 
I looked Steven up and found out that he is notable for a portrait project that he recently exhibited.  Using celebrities as his subjects, he painted some wonderful, contemporary portraits which he will sell to raise money for a facility called Macmillan Cancer Care.  You can read more about it here and see some of the portraits below.  
Thanks, Steven, for the great gift!  
Happy painting.

When there is no colour to be found

Spring is coming but not all at once.  That would spoil us.  After another demoralizing dump of snow, I went out on Friday to prove my mettle and to paint it before it melted.  
The day turned warm and the snow was gone by the time I left the river, but I did catch the remnants in this painting.  What struck me as I mined the scene for information, was how little colour variation there actually was.  The receding bank was unrelieved from one end to the other.  Flat light from a cloudy sky meant that there were no shadows or highlights to create form and there really wasn't any sense of the land appearing cooler or bluer as it receded from my view.  
That left me with limited means to create depth and interest in this painting.  Diminishing scale in the tree reflections and the brush and trees helped the illusion of depth, as did overlapping shapes, but I was stuck on the "interest" part of the problem.  The colours were variations on grey and there was no pleasing warmt…