More Swimming

Front Crawl
14 x 11
We've had so much rain lately that water is continually on my mind: how to keep it out of my studio, when to dash out and mow the lawn before it grows past our knees, and where to get a life vest for the dog. 
Alright, maybe I exaggerate.  

This is another water painting done from a photo.  The refraction and fragmentation of the form in water is a current obsession of mine.  I'm particularly interested in seeing how little of the swimmer's body I actually have to connect up in order for the painting to make sense.  Like those sentences in psych experiments where every 2nd or 3rd letter is removed and yet subjects can easily read them, the same is true for images of a body in water.  We've seen this effect so often that we can connect the dots with very little trouble and picture the full figure in the water.  I find that viewer participation fascinating.  

Send me some sunshine from wherever you are, and happy painting!