The Thrill of Painting

Swimming Pool
20 x24
Painting is so much fun for me that if a piece comes together quickly and with a small amount of brush strokes, I feel a bit cheated; like going to a party that's over at 10pm.  

That's why I'm always glad of a chance to paint water.  The multitude of colours and marks that I get to use are a joy.  Maybe Rousseau felt that way too.  That would explain the lavish depictions of colour and form in his jungle scenes.  

This painting was a pleasure to work on because the subject captivated me.  There is an interplay of warm and cool colour, reflected light, fragmentation of form, and patterning.  And all of it conveys my favourite atmosphere: sunshine on a summer's day.  

I'm mulling over a larger swimmer piece right now; imagining in advance what a joy it will be to work on.  Canvas, brushes and lots of paint: life is very good.

Happy painting!


Dean H. said…
Love that reflected blue light on her cheek, Ingrid!!
Your joy in painting this one reflects out to the viewer! Well done!
Thanks for the lovely comment, Dean!
Erik van Elven said…
Love the reflected light too!
You've captured the feeling of bright sunlight really well.
Cheryl Peddie said…
The combination of cool and warm lights and color are really striking, Ingrid. I always struggle with that in my work. Really pretty!
Thank you, Erik, for the great comment.
I've just spent an enjoyable half hour browsing randomly through your blog. You have some beautiful work posted.
I love the portrait of John B.
Hi Cheryl! Thanks for the kind words. You've launched me into my studio this morning with a smile!
Erik van Elven said…
Hi Ingrid,
Half an hour? Wow, that's a seriously big compliment, thank you!
Hei Suomesta, maalauksesi ovat loistavia.

Thank you! You are my first Finnish blog reader and I'm very pleased to know you.