Portrait Workshop at the Calgary School of Art

Downward Gaze
16 x 12
I'll be teaching a portrait painting workshop at the Calgary School of Art on Saturday, September 22.  Unlike most of my workshops, this one will use photos instead a live model for its subject.   While I think life painting is the best (and the easiest) approach, I also know that most of us use photos for a lot of our work.  It's simply too difficult and expensive to arrange for a model for every new painting.  Lucien Freud managed it, but we mere mortals have to cut some corners.

This workshop will focus on turning those photos into expressive paintings that look like they could have been done from life.  I'll teach students a logical method and some crafty tricks for creating loose portraits from stiff, limited photos.

If you're in Calgary on the 22nd, I hope you'll sign up and join me!

To register, please call The Calgary School of Art: 403-287-7448

Happy painting!


Aiesha said…
Your picture is awesome, so much life and emotion in it.I bet they will love it.

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