Bee Series Continued

Queen of the Bees
14 x 11
This bizarrely-long summer has kept my garden growing and the bees busy.  Seeing big, slow honey bees  in the heads of my sunflowers every morning, waiting for the sun to warm them enough to move and begin collecting nectar has also kept me busy with paintings.

This is another painting in the bee series.  It's painted on gessoed paper and incorporates gold leaf.  Because gold leaf sticks to anything with even the tiniest bit of oil in it, I placed it first in an abstract doodle, keeping the image of the woman in mind but not drawing her in.  Then I sealed the surface with dilute Galkyd medium and painted over it when everything was dry.

My next bee painting is a large one, well underway, and I'm going to attempt the leafing over dry paint.  Probably not a sensible idea, but I'll let you know how it all turns out.

Enjoy the bee weather!


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Ariane said…
Beautiful! I love this one. The colors, the movement, the bees!
Thanks for checking out my archives, Ariane. I still like that painting after all these years, which is nice - and unusual for me!