Inspiring Fruit

Peaches and Ginger Jar
20 x 16
I didn't know what to paint the other day.  My photos seemed stale, no model was booked and I wasn't energetic enough to drive anywhere for plein air.  I debated giving painting a miss and tackling the garden clean up.  Luckily, the fruit bowl held some inspiration and the garden is still a mess.

The peaches that I'd bought at the farmers' market were gorgeous to look at - though dry to taste - and I liked the way they looked with the complementary greenish-grey of the ginger jar, a gift from my mom.  The fabric in the back was a silky, purple dress with a wonderful, long tie, a thrift shop find.  I like using that arrangement as a way to lead the eye into the focal area and also as a sort of lasso to enclose the light.  The whole thing was set up on an old white bed sheet and lit with a flood light.

After I'd done all that thinking and arranging, I'd forgotten all about the half hearted way that my studio day began and was excited to start putting on the paint.

This set up actually sparked another painting, in progress now, so I won't be faced with the "what will I paint today?" dilemma for a while.  Thank goodness for the fruit bowl.


Dean H. said…
Love how this painting draws me in, Ingrid! Skillfully done!
Thanks, Dean. It's always a pleasure to hear from you and you always say such nice things!