The End of the Season

Autumn Still Life
24 x 20
This still life catches the edge of fall: wilted, seed-filled sunflower heads from the garden, and the last of my trees' apples, picked off the ground before the dog could make a snack of them.   The blue and white bowl was a gift from my mom.  Setting up objects that are meaningful to me makes it much easier to paint them with feeling.

After a couple of days, the water in the large, glass vase turned a gorgeous amber from the flowers' stems; a  perfect effect to link the yellows throughout the set up.

This was a nice change from all of the photo references that I've been working from lately and it really freshened my eyes, reminding me that real life has so many more colours than photos reproduce.  The main effect that I wanted to capture was the sense of light on all of the greyed colours.  Layering warm and cool colours within the greys set up a vibration and made them glow.  While the effect is colourful, there is very little pure colour in the piece; surrounding even low chroma with grey makes it seem amazingly vivid.

The weather has changed dramatically here, and I'll soon be out in the car with my pochade box trying to capture the colours of snow.

Stay warm and happy painting!