Weaving Colour

Mexican Handicraft
30 x 30
A painting is a bit like a weaving: the same colours appear and reappear across the surface, creating a pattern and a unified effect.  If you have a red object and a green object on the canvas, they should always contain bits of each other's colour within them or risk appearing disconnected like a poorly-Photoshopped image.

In this still life of some handicrafts that I bought in Mexico after the retreat last month, the earthy green stood out as a dominant colour note, and the red-breasted, ceramic bird was my focal point.  Green, the compliment of red, helped me to set off the bird as the most important object.  I used a variety of greens throughout the painting: sometimes making a yellowish green, other times adding more blue or a touch of red.

In fact, every colour in this set up is repeated somewhere else.  Like the threads of the small weaving within the painting, they lock the objects firmly together.



Bobbi Dunlop said…
Lovely still life, Ingrid and great post, too! You've captured memories of your Mexican retreat ... a painterly memory, until you return next year!
I'm so looking forward to Mexico already, Bobbi. This winter is going on and on and on...

I hope you're warm in your studio - though not by the fire!