Paintings Shipped to BC Galleries

16 x 12

White Linen
10 x 8

Minnows There
24 x 12

These are just a few of the paintings that I recently sent to Rendezvous Art Gallery in Vancouver and Tutt Art Gallery in Kelowna.

16 x 12
I love painting, but I'm not big on packing and shipping, so I send large amounts when I do put a shipment together.  It takes most of a day to wrap, make boxes and secure each painting against damage and the clean up of little bits of cardboard and styrofoam makes me weary just thinking about it. But it's a wonderful feeling when the paintings are gone, the studio shelves are bare, and I can envision new work filling it up again.

If you're in Vancouver or Kelowna, I hope you'll stop in and check out the galleries.

Pearl Onions and Peonies
24 x 12

Summer Explorer
36 x 36