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Layers upon layers

This painting has been on and off the easel all summer as I tried to make it convey a mood and a sense of the airy, carefree day at the beach during which I took the photo reference.

The woman in the photo seemed almost monumental as she surveyed the water.  Her body is not magazine perfect, but it's strong and she stood unselfconsciously, drawing my eyes in a way that none of the skinny 20 year olds on the beach could.

There's a lot of complexity and layering in this piece which is unlike my typical alla prima method. Using Liquin (not my usual medium, but useful for its quick dry, tough coat) and thin layers which I was exposed to in the Alex Kanevsky workshop last winter,  I didn't hesitate to go over and over passages with a variety of colours until they felt rich and interesting enough for my liking.  The painting gave my summer a nice sense of continuity: I always had something unfinished to put on the easel.

Now that it's done (at least, I think it's done…

Make it Glow Workshop

I'll be teaching a new workshop devoted entirely to colour on November 1 at the Calgary School of Art.   I hope you'll be able to join me; it promises to be a day of hard work, exploration, revelation, and FUN!

Here's the scoop:

It's all about colour in this intensive, one-day, painting workshop. Join me for a day that includes both the structure of established colour theory, and the excitement of intuitive approaches to colour.

With simple still life objects as your subjects, you'll learn how to mix and apply colour for maximum effect. You'll explore colour mixing, temperature and value, and learn how to layer multiple colours to create exciting visual vibrations - not mud!

If you've ever wondered how to make your paint glow, this workshop is for you.
Please contact the Calgary School of Art to register.