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Inspirations for Artist Appreciation month

August is Artist Appreciation Month!  I was reminded of this by Patience Brewster, the designer of whimsical and fanciful ornaments that most of us have seen in stores around Christmas time.

Patience asked me if I'd write a blog about artists who have inspired me.  It's a great idea and an opportunity to thank my touchstone artists.

So here they are in order of my personal chronology as an artist.  Because I started out in watercolour (only the hardest medium in the world, as it turns out), the first painters who inspired me were Joseph Zbukvic, and Charles Reid.  See the influence?  They both focus on light, and have loose, bold brushwork.  Zbukvic's contre jour aesthetic still dazzles me and the economy and joy of his mark making makes me want to applaud.

Charles Reid showed me how to paint the figure in one big, graceful gesture and how to find colour and colour temperature within it.  These lessons weren't in person, unfortunately, but I've signed his books ou…

Recipes for gorgeous greys

I've been on a technology hiatus this summer, painting, gardening, and relishing the short, intense summer - despite its hail storms and heat waves.  It's been a treat to be unplugged and to wait until the time seemed right to start looking at the computer again (yes, I actually mean Facebook, that great sucking abyss of irresistible video links and great paintings).  So I'm diving back in with a blog about greys because today is the first grey day in a long while.
There are lots of tempting tube greys on the paint display rack, but I prefer to mix my own from the primaries plus white.  That gives endless permutations and makes a livelier colour space for the eye to explore.  
My palette contains warm and cool variations of each of the primaries plus a few earth colours and a selection of whites.  Here's a list of the pigments that are my mainstays.  I sometimes add a novel colour like viridian, cad yellow deep, or Indian yellow, but this list shows the workhorses: