New Workshop White Rock, BC

I'll be teaching a figure workshop in White Rock, BC this spring.  Hosted by the Federation of Canadian Artists, this will be a chance to deepen and broaden your painting practise, no matter what genre you work in.  
For the many American painters who have contacted me about teaching, this is a great opportunity: the Canadian dollar is ridiculously weak which is good for you!

Below is an outline of what we'll be doing.  Please contact me if you have any questions, and, if you're interested in pricing and registration, contact the Federation of Canadian Artists.
I hope you'll join me!

Alla Prima and Beyond: a 5 day figure workshop

March 14 - 18 White Rock BC

Take your painting to the next level with this intensive 5 day figurative workshop.  Working with a clothed model, we will begin with single figure compositions.,  You'll discover how to capture a figure believably and expressively without preliminary drawing or grids, and how to integrate the figure into its background.  

You'll learn to find patterns and rhythms in the the figure set up and use them to add richness and design to your work. 

Over the course of the workshop, you will also develop a larger, multi-figure composition created from individual poses added to a single canvas over 3 days.  In turning several individual figures into a coherent composition, you'll tackle both technical and compositional issues.  You'll learn how to layer wet over dry paint while maintaining the integrity of your paint film, as well as how to create a unified, dynamic composition by selectively enhancing or subordinating elements within the picture plane. 

Throughout, the emphasis will be on painterly brushwork and making creative colour choices.