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Finding the differences

We had an excellent model in last night's figure drop in.  She has an expressive, long limbed body that relaxes easily into a graceful pose and made it look natural and interesting from all angles. Pretty amazing for a first timer!

While it was easy to see her as a shape with a lit side and a shadow side, I really enjoyed trying to discern the subtle variations of the value of the light, temperature, and colour on her body and spent the evening trying to recreate the sensation of those subtle differences.

Because every colour in flesh is hard to figure out, I always look at the set up and start with something that I can easily determine.  In this case, it was the red flower pinned in her hair.  Once I have a single piece of accurate colour, I can relate something else to it, asking myself " is it warmer or cooler than that? Lighter or darker?  What colour could it be based on?  Green, blue, red...?
This constant questioning means I paint slowly and examine each new mark fo…

Finding models

Painters are always looking for people to model for them - for cheap - and I'm no exception.  While I go to a weekly figure drop in and pay for the pleasure of painting from life, I also find other ways to procure a face to work from.  
My son has been a great model over the years because of his penchant for losing his favourite technologies and being too broke to replace them.  A couple of years ago I bought him a replacement phone, and had him work off the cost with regular portrait sittings.  We listened to audio books in the studio, and it was actually a great way to spend time together.  And we both got something out of the deal.  
This week, his camera vanished, so I'm happy to say that I have my model back!  Well, I didn't really want to buy another camera, but there you go.  He works for less than a professional model, and I figure I'm fostering his creativity by replacing the camera, so this is still a win for us both.  The painting at top was done in the tim…