Living on the Edge Workshop

Living on the Edge Workshop
July 9 
Kelowna, BC

This seemed like an appropriate visual for my upcoming one-day workshop in Kelowna, BC.  "Living on the Edge" is all about the part of a painting that I find the most fascinating: the area where one shape interacts with another.

When I look at a painting, I seldom give much thought to its subject matter, but I do stick my nose as close to the surface as I can and check out how the artist handles edges.  If they're all the same, he or she has lost my interest, because it's in these transition areas that I believe an artist shows her painting chops.

So much can happen at the boundary of a form: a painter can lose the edge, soften the edge, catch it crisply or thickly, or modulate it from one state to another.  And that's just the beginning!  Working edges is like a playful dance where you can experiment, seeing how far you can push into abstraction without losing the sense of the subject matter; it's the most joyful part of the work for me.

And that's what this one-day workshop will explore: the abstract, playful potential of the edge.

If you'd like more information or to register, please contact the Federation of Canadian Artists Central Okanagan Chapter.  I hope to see you on July 9th!


Thank you.

Happy painting!