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Painting on rigid supports

Finally, after years of trying and failing miserably, I've figured out how to paint on panels.  This is big news in my studio!

Smooth, rigid supports like wood and metal have defeated me in the past because I struggled to work in an alla prima fashion on them.  Getting past that first, scruffy, scratchy layer was a trial as my hog bristle brushes tended to remove more paint than they deposited.  I also found it hard to make the large variety of edges that I could on oil primed linen. 

Things I tried in order to make wood work for me:
- adding alkyd mediums to the paint (often too smelly and/or toxic and/or slippery)
- switching to soft or synthetic brushes (changed the consistency and amount of paint in each stroke)
- and thickening and drying the paint slightly by squeezing it out onto cardboard overnight (helpful, but too thick and dry for first layers).

I'd almost decided to give up on the idea of rigid supports, but, since my oil primed linen comes to me from US suppliers…

Group Exhibition, Calgary, AB

Swinton's Collection Exhibition Art on 9th

These are some of the 10 pieces in the "Swinton's Collection" exhibition currently showing at Art on 9th in Inglewood, Calgary.  The show features work by many of the instructors at Swinton's studios, and it's a diverse and rich display. 

I hope you'll go and check out the work and see what we've all been up to in our studios.

Happy painting!