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Painting Edges

Students of painting who come to me for workshops or classes frequently tell me that there are 2 things that they want to learn: looseness and creative colour.

Colour is a lifetime's occupation and I learn more about it every day in the studio, but looseness is actually pretty straightforward.  Looseness happens at the edges of a shape, where it interacts with another shape.  Becoming a looser painter simply takes a bit of courage and a lot of unlearning.

We start our artistic lives by being praised for colouring within the lines in our colouring books.  It's a mark of hand-eye control and our parents and teachers applaud it.  But that can be the start to a lifetime of drawing and respecting outlines, and it can be a hard habit to break.

Working from photos only reinforces this dependance on the outline, especially with the crisp quality that modern cameras can achieve.  If you look at a digital photo, you'll see that everything, no matter how far apart in distance, can s…